If collecting cash, maintaining and organizing an order for your group is a burden, we can relieve some of the pressure of that and make life a little simpler for you.

As a convenience, we are able to set up shopping links for any group who would like one. Whether you are from a Greek Organization, or a department at SFA, or any other group, we have you covered.

We can create a link so the payment is taken online, each individual order is packaged and labeled for that customer and all you need to do is hand out the items to the individual that ordered. Easy peasy. We will send you the link to pass out to your members, and even advertise it on our own social media pages if that is your wish.

To have an online link set up requires a few administrative tasks be taken care of. A signed waiver stating the opening and closing dates and an agreement to fulfill the minimum order of 36 shirts by the closing date and time is mandatory. Payment for failing to meet an unmet minimum is required before the actual order will be placed. We also add a small administrative fee for covering the creation and maintenance of the link as well as the additional time it takes to package each individual order. A flat rate shipping fee is available for people who would like to have the item shipped to them. The orders noted as local pick up are the responsibility of the person who initiated the order and signed the waiver, to make arrangements for the items to be received by the person who made the purchase.

If you want a restricted link to your organization, we can provide you with that and give you a password so only those people in your organization can access and make a purchase of that particular item.

Call 936-564-3754, come by Tattoo Productions at 2611 North St. in Nacogdoches any time M-F between 9 & 5, or email us at order@tattooprod.com with any questions or to begin an online order.


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